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Forgiveness On The 405

“Yup! He did hit me!,” were my thoughts, as I began pulling over to the shoulder on the 405, which, if you do not know, is the busiest freeway in the U.S. I was just getting on, there was traffic for miles, and I see this car coming aggressiveliy closer to me. I’m thinking, “I can’t believe he is trying to pass me with so much traffic,” and then wham!-he rear ends me. It wasn’t a strong hit, but enough to cause both of us to pull over. Finally I have a chance to vent to a driver for the way these “maniac” drivers behave on the roads in L.A. I’m thinking, “I”m gonna get something out of this.” So, we survey the damage-nothing really, and he hesitatingly gives me his insurance info. He’s an older gentleman, and a bit slurred in his speech I notice. I have a fleeting thought to just forget about the whole thing, since there was really no damage, and I didn’t feel like dealing with the hassle of insurance companies. But I decided to proceed. Then he apologizes and says he was a little out of it because of the news he just got form the hospital. I inquire of his news, when he tells me that he has to get surgery on both his knees. Immediatley my heart went out to the man, and my hopes of cashing in on this “fender bender” are smashed. Now I decide, and for the right reasons, to forgive him. I said to him, “Sir, why don’t we foget about the insurance, and you just promise to come with me to church on Sunday and believe God to heal your knees!” The man almost begins crying, and gives me a hug right there on the shouder of the 405. People must’ve have thought we were so strange. Who gets into an accident and then hugs the person they just crashed into! But that is the power of love! He asked me which church I go to, and he almost flipped when I told him. He said he has some friends that go to that church. I asked him if he were saved, and he said yes, although latley he didn’t feel like it. I gave him my number and told him to call me. I cetainly hope he does. All I know is that God gave me a chance to show compassion and love to a stranger. Afterall, isn’t that what He did for us? Pray that God gives you opportunities to make a difference in someone’s life. That you get the opportunity to get someone saved. I promise, you’ll be on cloud 9. It’s the best feeling to reach out to somone when it is completely within your power to do so. You know those Allstate commercials about accident fogiveness? Well this was truly accident forgiveness.


2 Responses to “Forgiveness On The 405”

  1. Hey Victor,

    Awesome story. It just goes to show you how limited and self centered we are… we really don’t have any idea what others might be going through.

    I’m glad there was no damage, I’m glad you are okay and that he is okay… but mostly I rejoice with you that God gave you an opportunity to love someone.

    I’m sure it also taught you that traffic isn’t THAT bad after all. 🙂 Even God is in traffic!

    Great story.



  2. Great blog Victor. Glad I came across this- write some more!!! It’s good- you have some great thoughts. Truth!

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