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This Thing Called Christianity

Sometirmes as Christians, we look to be caudled. Instead of just kicking ourselves into shape, spiritually, we make excuses. If we truly have the Spirit of Jesus lving in us, then we should be fighting to get sin out and keep it out. This is a truth I have always known but, still made room for my flesh. What do I mean? Well, instead of acting in accordance with the Word of God regarding sin in my life, I instead would debate and battle in my mind the truth versus my desire. In the book of Romans it says that if we live according to the flesh, then we have a mind always set on sinful desires. But if our actions are in accordance with the Spirit of God, then our minds are fixed on what the Spirit of God wants. Yet, as believers, we oftentimes forget this scripture, get ourselves into trouble, and then wonder why we face such difficult battles. When we recognize that to truly be free means living according to God’s Word, no “ifs ands or buts”, then we will see the power of His Spirit in our lives. The main questions to ask are, “Do I really want to be free?”, and, “Do I truly want to follow the Lord?” You will be amazed what you discover about yourself when you ask these questions sincerely. I always thought my answer was yes, but for years I knew that I was proving to the Lord through my choices/actions, the opposite-that I didn’t really want to be free. I had developed a place that I could escape to whenever I felt alone, depressed or dejected-all playing grounds for the devil to mess with me and you. I would fail, ask God to forgive me, feel great for a few weeks, and then crash and burn again. I thought it was because I was “struggling”-that I was facing addiction. But when the Word of God truly got ahold of me, I knew I had to come clean and let the filth and junk in my life go. I knew I couldn’t get around the Word of God when it talks about fulfilling the lusts of the flesh. I couldn’t deny it anymore. I was either going to fess up, and get right with the Lord, and really do this thing called “Christianinty”, or I was going to continue to play the deadly game I was playing with my soul. And that’s what it truly comes down to-our souls. The real fight, the real battle, is for our souls. I didn’t want to help the devil anymore. It really doesn’t matter what the fight is-what matters is that we are not focusing on the problem and trying to analyze it but, eradicating it/them from our lives through the power of God’s Word and Spirit. Some believers will say that they have tried to get free through prayer and reading the Word but it didn’t work. What an affront to the power of God. How dare we put on this facade that we are good Christians, truly seeking help with our sinful ways while we continue in our ways. If we are really seeking freedom form our struggles, we have to want to be free. I don’t think I ever walked into a pet store until I got a dog. Why? Because I had no need. I didn’t have a dog or a pet. It’s the same when it comes to total freedom in Christ. When we realize our need to be free, Jesus is there to do the work. He is the One Who will set us free. But the conditioning factor is our desire to be free. So in essence, Christians who are living a life full of struggles with sin, are carnal and babes in Christ. Dead people don’t struggle. If we die to our desires for the flesh, then there will be no desires to fulfill, and thus, no struggle. Let the Holy Spirit in to truly set you free. If we are going to do this thing called Christianinty, then do it right! Get free in Jesus’ name!


2 Responses to “This Thing Called Christianity”

  1. I have enjoyed reading your blogs.

  2. very true and very neccessary for the body of Christ!

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