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Matter Of The Heart..Heart Of The Matter

It is sad that the church is the last place for people with same sex desires to run too-but of course, that is the church’s fault. Apparently we don’t know how to really deal with this topic other than to call it what it is-sin. And sin it is, but I believe it is a complex matter. And that’s because it affects the very identity of men and women. My heart especailly goes out to Christian men and young boys who, because of certain thoughts they may have or had, think or believe they must be gay, that there is no way out. See, my question to them is, “Why do you believe you are gay?” If they say because they have thoughts or desires, I would ask them like what kind of thoughts specifically. Thoughts are thoughts, and they will always come and go. It’s the ones we capture and dwell on that can create trouble. If I have a thought to harm someone because I got really mad, that’s a thought and even a temptation, does this mean I should consider that I might be a murderer? No! Because I know that because of sin, I am capable, without Christ, of being anything-the worst sinner. But through CHOICE, I am not. Decisions define us by character. So, if a young man has a homosexual thought, that does not mean he is gay. It means he has eyes and can tell when someone is good looking. If he has sexual thoughts, who hasn’t? We have all had sexual thoughts, it doesn’t matter what kind. But if we grab hold of any of them, trouble starts. And confusion comes in, because lust has now entered the picture. In other words, it doesn’t really matter what kind of thoughts a person may have, what matters is whether or not that person dwells on any of them. Simply put, all sexual thoughts that a person dwells upon are lustful in nature-apart from sexual thoughts towards your spouse. So believers who have homosexual  thoughts are really just believers who haven’t brought their flesh under the control of the Holy Spirit. I guarantee, that the good work that He begins in us will be completed. This is not an issue of God not delivering, it’s a matter of the heart-God is always ready to deliever us. When a believer realizes that they have opened a door, they will see that they have been responsible for a lot. When I stopped making excuses for my lonliness and realized that I had tucked away in my heart a place I could always go to whenever I wanted, that’s when my freedom started. When I stopped with the porn, amazingly, alot of bad thoughts and desires quit; because there was no more fuel for the fire. We do it to ourselves. No one person can say that thier “desires” just started…something triggered them. And in order to figure that out, that person needs to do some soul searching and let the Holy Spirit in to do His good work.


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