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There I stood, before the judge, fully expecting for my charges to be dropped. And to my surprise, I was found guilty, though I pleaded “not-guilty”. Back in January an officer pulled me over and gave me a “fix-it” ticket, which means exactly as it reads. I had been driving with an expired registration, and I was completely confident in the matter because it wasn’t my fault. You see, the dealership my wife and I had purchased the car from had closed down, only at the time I didn’t know. I did know that the dealership was taking it’s sweet time in sending us the papers though. And as soon as I got my ticket, I went straight to the dealership to “let them have it”, only they had since a week earlier, closed down. What? I had just spoken to someone over the phone exactly one week earlier! At this point I was lost. I didn’t know what to do. So I called our lenders and immediately wen to the DMV to figure this all out. Needless to say, it has been an ordeal, as the lender has been trying to reconstruct the vehicle title. I since then got temporary permits to drive the car, but that wasn’t good enough for the court; and this is where the shock punches. Had I submitted to the court the registration, thus showing I had “fixed” the situation, all charges would have been dropped. But because I still didn’t have the title, the charges reamin, and I am left to really pray I get what I need before I have to show up in court again next week. When I heard the judge say that, even though he understood the situation, I was still driving without a registration, it hit me like a ton of bricks. But I was right! How was this my fault? The dealership closed down! I want my justice! Nope. Insted, the truth of the judge’s words stuck in my head. I was guilty as charged, because no matter the reason, the law says I cannot drive a car without a registration. Wow! As I walked out of the courtroom, I believed I was right in my own eyes up until I met the judge. Isn’t this true for many of us in relation to the Jugde of all mankind-the Lord of the universe! I couldn’t help to think how many people are living their lives, doing right in their own eyes, but when they come face to face with the Jugde of the world, it will be a whole other story. Many will be shocked and dumbfounded when they realize that they had the law and guidleines of God’s Word, but still thought they were doing right. It is only when we measure our lives by a higher standard do we see where we need to change. Let’s not be caught living in way that we think we are “right” in our own eyes but not in the eyes of the Jugde of all creation.


One Response to “DOH!”

  1. This is very encouraging…you are a good writer!!!!

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