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You Knew!

In Isaiah 65:12b it says, “…You deliberately sinned-before my very eyes-and chose to do what you know I despise.” Wow! I read this verse and think, “How could theses people blatantly sin in front of God!” And yet, how often have I chosen to deliberately excuse away a decision or some thought or deed when I knew it was against God’s desires? So I can’t point the finger at anyone but myself when I read this verse. Yet, there is something deeper to consider here-intimacy. When you truly love someone, don’t you strive to please them? Don’t you do your best not to do the very things that you know they despise? Only if there is no relationship with that person do you not care about doing what they hate; relationship is the key. When there is a personal and intimate relationship with someone, you will not be reckless and careless in your actions. This verse clearly reveals the deeper heart and desire of God to have an unbroken fellowship with His people and yet, they would have none of it. Where do we stand in our relationship with the Lord today? Are we loving Him and showing Him that we will not walk in direct opposition to His desires? Or will we show our carelessness and keep doing what we want. May we draw closer to Him, so He will draw closer to us, and learn to please the heart of our Father.


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