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I find it so sad that we can read an article about some celeb, like Adam Lambert of AI (American Idol), coming out to the world that he is gay, and say, well that’s no shocker. It should be! This age we’re living in says to people that if you aren’t one particular way, don’t worry, there’s a place for you-it’s called Gayville. Yup! A place where you can be true to you and not try to pretend anymore. Bull! After reading the news flash that Adam Lambert has come out to the world, I immediately had to say something, write something. He says that he didn’t fit in with all the other boys. So? So because you didn’t fit in with them you just grow up to sleep with them? I know what it’s like to be teased and harassed and called gay-something I never was. But, by the power of prayer and God’s Spirit, I was freed form that lie-that since I was different I must be gay. No! No you are not! And No I was not/am not! Our world has made it way too easy to throw in the towel. Adam and hosts of other “gayturners” feel like they are at peace, because the world has made a place for them. Now they aren’t afraid to say what they are feeling becasue they know there is a community of “gayvillagers” out there who will accept them, and take them in. But let me be the one to say NO! No, to the lie that there will be peace in your life once you “come out”. It’s a lie and a trap. It only feels right because your flesh is getting what it wants. Granted, Adam is not a born again Christian, but he has still fallen prey to the lie of this age. Because he didn’t feel like he was “one of the boys” he figured he must be gay. What a lie. Why can’t we accept that there are different types of males out there? Why does it mean that they must be gay? It’s our need as society to try and categorize something or someone we can’t figure out. It’s called CONFUSION of the sexes! . The devil has been suceeding at emasculating men-stripping them of their God given gift of being male. Too often people have felt that they don’t have a say in the matter and without Jesus they don’t. You see, when Jesus comes into a persons life, He gives them the ability to do something they couldn’t before-choose life over death. Remember, if it weren’t for the cross of Christ, no one would ever have a chance to even choose life. We would all be destined to hell. So for those of you who think you don’t have a choice in being gay…you’re right! Because as long as you don’t know Jesus Christ, the Redeeemer, you will never be able to know whether you are or are not gay. Only when the Lord of Heaven heals your heart and masculinity, like He has mine, will you then have the choice. You see, for the longest time my question was am I or am I not gay, according to the world’s standards. But once the Lord showed me who I am in Him, then the question became will I, will I not be. Only then did I have a real choice. So for everyone who is “struggling” God has created us male and female. He did not make a man to be a woman and take on the role of loving another man sexually as a woman; that’s their role. I feel you my brothers and sisters but, there is a God who can save, deliver and heal you of this confusion. Don’t buy into the lie. God bless


One Response to “Gayville…What?”

  1. Hey, im glad that you posted this blog. I never knew that this was a struggle for you and I am impressed and inspired by you authenticity and honesty. Getting my MA in Clinical Psychology along with having a handful of really close “gay” friends has left this subject a real passion of mine. I even have a few Christian friends who struggle with same-sex feelings. I am ashamed that the church is the first place where these people feel ridiculed and outcasted. I know a lot of Christians/ non Christians who are struggling with these feelings are ashamed to go to the church for fear of being judged and condemned. And I must say, that I have seen first hand, the reactions Christians give another brother or sister who confesses their feelings of homosexuality.

    I look at homosexuality as a very complex situation. I know that there are many different reasons a person might chose to be gay. I also know that it is a serious addiction for some and the feelings are very real. I also have some friends who have strong sexual feelings for the same sex and struggle with those feelings daily, even after “Christ healed them”.

    I am passionate about preaching about this subject, normalizing the situation for some and letting Christians know that they don’t have to walk this struggle alone. That they will not be judged or condemned, but welcomed with loving arms and we walk together to find hope, peace and ultimately be set free.

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